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Happy Solstice!!! Forgive yourself and others and let love in as Neil Gaiman wrote. It’s time for change. Let’s let go of what is not serving us today and awaken to something new. Time for healing Blessed Be Humanity🙏 #awakeningthroughsynergy #wintersolstice #forgiveness #letlovelead #newbeginnings #neilgaiman
The festival of light known as “Diwali” is taking place. Diwali symbolizes the victory over light, so light your candles and remember that where there is darkness there is light, where there is hate there is love, where there is separation there is unity and were there is ignorance there is wisdom. #awakeningthroughsynergy #diwali #darknessintolight #unity #connection #wisdom Neuroscience Reveals How Gratitude Literally Rewires Your Brain to be Happier Shared from a friend Andrew Sadocks page. Science proves that Gratitude makes a happy brain function🙏 Neuroscientists have found that if you really feel it when you say it, you'll be happier and healthier. The regular practice of expressing gratitude is not a New Age fad; it's a facet of the human condition that reaps true benefits to those who mean it.
I am practicing the art of presence with a my amazing women’s group I have been involved with this summer. One of the women shared this 6 tips of being more mindful. When we are more mindful about the ordinary we bring meaning and life to create extraordinary👌
With gratitude, in honor of the full moon and Llamas the half-way point between summer and fall we celebrate to our ancestors. #awakeningthroughsynergy #despacho #fullmoonritual #graditude #celebrate 11:11 Correcting Time Something we all need to read and listen to carefully. This whole experience has always been about the awakening since the dawn of time. Please share if it resonates with you🙏 Only through obedience can we overcome our lower nature by constantly checking in with the spirit, asking for guidance, and praying for deliverance from the shadows of the past that haunt and taunt us to fall back into unconscious living and material pursuit.
Good morning Sunny Naples. My happy place is when I can teach others while admiring the nature around us. I’ve been teaching outside ever since querentine began and I realize that being in the elements is the best cure for all disease in the body. Blessed Be!!
As the tides turn and the moon wains and waxes remember we are all in a great big cycle; what we call life. In constant motion the earth cleanses year after year. It is and will always be our foundation our roots are place of connection here on this planet. Happy Earth Day 🌍 💐 🌎 ✨ Urgent Call for 1 Million Meditators on April 4/5 🙏 🌍 If there was ever a time to sit in silence, clear the mind and focus your intentions on the greater good of humanity, the time is now. Together we rise🙏 URGENT CALL FOR 1 MILLION MEDITATORS TO LIBERATE AND RECLAIM OUR WORLD ON APRIL 4, 2020 at precisely 10:45 pm EST WHEN A CELESTIAL STARGATE OPENS! An open letter and cosmic invitation to spiritual leaders and influencers around the globe (links and instructions within content of letter, so plea... Everything You Need to Know About Immunity During Crisis We are all experiencing different emotions during this time but what we’re not talking about is how to boost the immune system. Besides taking small amounts of Colloidal Silver, Zinc and Vitamin C and A, and diffusing Thieves and Eucalyptus oil everyday, I am also trying to get plenty of rest and quiet my mind and body through various forms of Yoga and Meditation. Here are a few helpful yoga tips for boosting the immune system in turn quieting the mind. Learn how yoga therapists think about the immune system, plus a Yoga Nidra practice for challenging times and tips on how to optimize your immunity during stressful times…like a pandemic.
We all just need to take a deep breath. Remember that what we are feeling is mostly the rest of the worlds anxiety and fear right now. “I am not attached to my emotions, only having an experience in my human body”#awakeningthroughsynergy #breathe #nonattachment #warrior
Gratitude: The Short Film by Louie Schwartzberg His message: to open your heart and feel grateful for this day, the beauty of this planet, the people we meet. How? By focusing on the positive aspects rathe...
[02/10/20]   People who are in love affect the environment in which they live. ~ Paublo Coelho

It’s the month of love—valentines, cupids, hearts, and more. Romance is in the air and as Paublo Coelho says, if you are in love or in the presence of one who is, you can feel it. The very air around one in love shifts and changes. But this shift and change is not exclusive to romantic love.

The Yoga Sutras tell us in sutra 2.35, when one is firmly grounded in ahimsa, or a state of non-harming, this creates an atmosphere in which others can let go of all hostilities. When we commit to meeting the world in the spirit of metta—loving-kindness—in thought, word, and deed, we affect the environment in which we live.

I invite you this month, and every month, to live as if in love—in love with all beings, guided by the principle of ahimsa and then just watch. Watch as the very air around you shifts and changes.

-Jennifer from The Yoga Sanctuary
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Awakening Through Synergy
Awakening Through Synergy

“THE WORLD IS A BOOK AND THOSE WHO DO NOT TRAVEL READ ONLY A PAGE.” ~ SAINT AUGUSTINE A little montage of my past adventures! Who will feel inspired to join me for my next Yogascape Adventure in Santa Marta Colombia, May 2020?

4 SPOTS REMAIN~Who's In? Come join our next adventure as we embark on a journey to Santa Marta, Colombia May 6-14, 2020! For full details please visit https://awakeningthroughsynergy...
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Synergistic Thai Massage course completed👌. Nothing I love more than seeing my students be inspired by this ancient art. #awakeningthroughsynergy #thaimassage #lovemyjob @ Bonita Springs, Florida 21 Reasons to Meditate — Ananda Meditation is like a precious diamond. It shines with countless facets and benefits for body, mind, and soul. Here are 21 facets and reasons to meditate. If you are feeling ambitious, why not consider focusing on one each day over the next few weeks as a sparkling motivation to develop or deepen you...
“Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right” -GD. This beautiful rose was given to me by a stranger today as a reminder that random acts of kindness go along way.
#awakeningthroughsynergy #randomactsofkindness #scarletbegonias #gratefuldead
Riding the waves of the Labrinth Life is amazing. And then it's awful. And then it's amazing again. And in between the amazing and the awful it's ordinary and mundane and routine.
Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary. That's just living heartbreaking, soul healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life. And it's breathtakingly beautiful.

~ LR Knost
India Back to Nature Tour Interview Nothing I love more than hosting international yoga retreats. I am so grateful to be able to empower individuals towards self awareness and to have them trust me to guide them on journeys of a lifetime. India Back to Nature Tour was such a testament for all I could ever ask for during these events. Here is an interview from 2 of my guests about their experience. India Yoga Tour 2019 Interview with guests
So grateful I got to experience amazing India once again. India Back to Nature Tour and my work as a retreat leader brought me here, but the heart of the people, the food and beauty of the land keeps me coming back. Until next time. Namaste🙏#awakeningthroughsynergy #amazingindia #yogaretreat2019 #untilnexttime #bestjobever @ Rishikesh
My India Back to Nature Tour has come to an end but just like all great things there is never a goodbye only “Until we meet again”🙏. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to travel to this amazing country. My heart is full with gratitude, my mind with beautiful memories and my body the strength of a warrior.
When your with a solid group of women for 15 days traveling the world, you can do anything. Here’s to rafting the Ganges River in North India!!!! Love you chicas❤️
Waking up at sunrise to see the mist rolling through the valleys and ridges from above. Greeted by the sun and a little curious friend.
#awakeningthroughsynergy #sunrise #kunjapuri #monkeysofinstagram #indiatour #yogaretreat2019
When celebrating life and all it’s magic it takes one to truly believe and then the power of numbers to strengthen a ritual. Today we participated in a Hindi fire burning ceremony in the hills of Rishikesh. #awakeningthroughsynergy #celebratinglife #powerinprayer #homa #indiatour
This day was thought out to be a simple hike for a miraculous view where we would practice yoga at the top. What we did not prepare for was the elevation and or hail that poured on us out along the way. India Back to Nature Tour crew went into this day with an open mind for exploration and came out warriors. We all conquered this together, like a family one step at a time💪
Hiking to the top of a 6km mountain in the Himalayas is not for the weak of heart. It takes courage to take one step in front of the next when life throws you challenges. When we reach the top, we have conquered our fears and fulfilled our dreams. Here’s to reaching more tops and taking one step at at time to do so.#awakeningthroughsynergy #indiatour #hikingadventures #himalayas #courage #yogaretreat2019 @ Triund Top
Afternoon outing at Masroor temple dates between 700 and 800ad. North Indian Nagara architecture style, dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, Devi and Saura traditions of Hinduism goddesses and Gods carved into these walls.
The road to wherever you go in life always give you an opportunity to emerge into the environment around you. Here’s to monkeying around in the temperate forest of India’s Himachal Pradesh 🐒 #awakeningthroughsynergy #indiatour #monkeyingaround #beherenow #warrior3
Nothing I love more then being in nature. Life is about letting things flow and the running water teaches us to embrace what comes. The rocks are a representation of life in constant motion.#awakeningthroughsynergy #letthingsflow #bhagsunagwaterfall #constantmotion #indiabacktonaturetour @ Bhagsu Waterfall, McLeodganj
Perfect Morning Yoga Session to cleanse the mind and salute the sun. #awakeningthroughsynergy #indiatour #sunsalutations #cleansethemind

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